Good question!

The Alaska Highway has been my home since 1957, and over the years I’ve developed a passion for its history. Raised at the Army Highway Maintenance camp at Mile 245, and then across the road at our family’s highway lodge for many years before moving to Fort Nelson.

I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to meet many of the highway’s old-timers, and folks who were involved in its original construction.

After high school, I went directly into public accounting, and continue to this day. Life is too short to be parked behind a desk as a number-wrestler full time, and I have developed other interests, taking leave of absence from accounting several months each year. These other interests include photopgrahy, an interest in the Bartlett Scenic Postcard business.

Since 1985 I’ve also worked on assignment as Field Editor for The Milepost travel book. As well as postcards, I’ve published two full colour phto view books, one on the Northwest Territories, and one on the Alaska Highway.

I have also compiled a book Alcan Trailblazers which is based on diaries and letters home from soldiers who were part of the building of the Alcan Highway.

I tend to surround myself with good people - they are....




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